Wednesday, October 10, 2007

School Shooting-World news

Gunman Opens Fire at Cleveland High School
From Google News

This article is about an event that took place today at SuccessTech High School in Cleveland, Ohio. A 14 year old male student went to school today and opened fire in a hallway. He injured two male students and two male adults, thankfully they are all in stable conditions. The student shooter is said to have shot himself after going on his rampage. SuccessTech is a "nontraditional" public high school, where students are interviewed before they are picked to attend the high school.
As I read this, anger scorched through my body, remembering Columbine and the terrible events that took place there only a few years ago. I ask myself, "Why do things like this happen? What provokes these shooters to come into a school, their school, and shoot people." I just don’t get it, that doesn’t make any sense to me. I was surprised to read that SuccessTech was for advanced kids. I would never have expected there to be a shooting in a school like that...But I guess things have changed, and now we have to expect the unexpected.
"But I don’t know why they don’t have metal detectors in this school." Ever since what happened at Columbine, I feel like there are school shootings happening everywhere now. Its time schools start preparing for incidents like this. I think a metal detector is a great idea that all schools should consider because this could help prevent school shootings from occurring.

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