Thursday, October 25, 2007


The Perfect Pooch For You
From Discovery News

I came across this article in my personal feed and because it related to dogs, it caught my interest. This article touched up on how some humans are more satisfied with their dog relationships than their human ones. I did not find this in any way surprising. Have you seen how people treat their pets? Its unbelievably crazy.....and somewhat cute at the same time. But if I had to choose, its mostly bizarre. I can categorize myself in that crazy state because at one time, I used to dress up my dog and push her in a stroller around my neighborhood. Now let me mention that I was younger...I also use to have a basket on the back of my bike so I could ride her around with me where ever I went. I laugh now at the picture of my dogs tongue hanging out of her mouth, sticking her head out just above the top of the milk crate as we sped through the streets of my neighborhood.. Haha! I love that. So yes, I’m completely guilty of treating my dog as my best friend. Her name is Junie B. and is an adorable, little Bishon Frise..
I think the reason why our relationships between our pets are so strong is because we know that they are incapable of letting us down. Dogs are so loyal and want to please us so much. In the article, it says that in a new study on human/dog relationships has revealed clues as to what makes the best pooch-to-person match. One of the clues was, "A canine's openness to new experience and agreeableness are the strongest predictors of relationship satisfaction". The study also suggests that, "dogs' generally trusting, non-judgmental, empathetic and curious nature enables them to blend into their owners' family and home, and bring comfort and enjoyment into their lives". Dogs seem to bend their personalities to ours, and that’s what makes us love them so much; They like to do what we like to, they listen to all our problems, and fix them, too, without having to say a word. Based my own personal experience, all dogs need is love and however much you love them, they return the favor 10 times as great. And so I guess that truly makes them, "mans best friend".
One thing I found very interesting was that this study also suggests that, "while people tend to dislike neuroticism in other people, they frequently like that quality in their dogs". As we come through the door from work or school or whatever it is that we do, our dog pummels us with overwhelming happiness! They’re jumping all over us, and managing to paint our faces in slobber with their tongues. And as gross as the slobber may be, we love the attention. We love the fact that we know that someone is missing us when we’re gone, even if its our dog. We enjoy every ounce of love our dog gives us. This reminds me of the movie ‘Legally Blonde’ where she takes her dog everywhere while coordinating outfits for each of them to match. So in situations such as this, the dog has no other choice but to have the miniature personality of its human dominance. Knowing this makes me happy. Now that I think about it, I don’t think my dog and I have determining personality traits, but we mesh as well as any other human/dog friendship. As I type, I feel like one of those annoying dog-obsessed people where they only talk about their dog and buy their dogs Christmas gifts and pay to have clothes for them. But I am indeed a dog lover, and that is an absolute fact.

"‘Dogs provide unconditional love,’ explained Holbrook. ‘You could be the worst scoundrel in the world and everyone else may hate you, but a loyal dog will always love you.’"

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Anonymous said...

My dad says that if alliens were to invade earth they would think that dogs rule the world. Think about it, we go to work so that we can buy them food and toys, while they lay around all day doing noting. Then when we come home we take them on walks and if they go to the bathroom we pick it up. Does anyone do that for humans? I read an article that said we spend billions on our dogs. How crazy is that?

A bunch of crazy chickens said...

ya, that sounds about right!! dogs really do seem to rule the world minus the politics!!
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