Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Educ. Blog; Thought for the Day 7-16-07

"Thought for the Day 7-16-07" from The Ficshbowl
Blog posted by Karl Ficsh
from the book What's Your Dangerous Idea?
Excerpt by Juan Enriquez

As I read through all the news feeds, I see one thing that comes up continuously, and that is questions about the future. Now more than ever we are questioning our fate. Why? I think that’s a good question, and we should be asking ourselves this. Is it so we can prepare for "The End"? Are we afraid of what is to come? I think the world hates not knowing where we are headed. But I believe that our future isn’t something we can totally prepare for, because what are we getting prepared for? Who knows? Another question I ask myself is when? When do we know to prepare? Scary fact: We don’t. There are so many questions I could go on asking, but for now, I’ll focus on one in particular. Juan Enriquez asks, "…So it’s worth asking whether the United States is in adolescence, middle age, or old age?" Knowing the answer to this question would answer a lot of other questions out there. The first thing that came to my mind as I began to proceed with this question was our advancement in technology. It seems so unbelievable to me at how far our technology has come, and as crazy as this is for me to say, I think our technology will continue to grow. Technology has reached an all new high, but as technologically-ill as I am, it’s hard for me to determine just how much more room we have to grow. And just knowing that the world has problems, and always will, is something I keep in mind because we are always trying to update ourselves and how we live. I think that techonolgy growth can and will affect the life-span of the world. For example, with more technology in places such as hospitals, we are able to save more lives, and with new technology, we can find cures for diseases and cancer and prevent them from taking place.

(I seem to have a lot of different/contradicting thoughts about this topic, but this is just me in the thinking process, so please, bare with me.) Now to specify with the country of the United States: This blog entry has made me think and I’ve come to convince myself that we, the great United States, is coming of old age. My reasoning comes from what I see going on throughout our country. It seems as though us as Americans have taken our title for granted. Our pride and spirit for our country is not what it use to be. As the day of September 11th came around, I didn’t see nearly as much spirit and remembrance as I would’ve liked to. Even looking at myself, I had forgotten about what this day meant and how it affected all of us as a country. I remember every time I turned on the radio, the song 'Where were you?' by Allen Jackson was playing. But do we have to have to have something so tragic happen to us before we have appreciation for our country? I had to think about 9/11 before I began to feel the emotions of that day, and I found that to be very disappointing. Our pride and fellowship are what brings this country together as one, and without them, we’re nothing. I would like to think that we could stop the death of our country by replacing our hatred with loving and caring attitudes. I think this would exercise us as citizens, putting America in a healthier state. But as for now, it seems to me that our "U.S.A-vage" is done with its party days and on its way to being of old age.

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