Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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'School Funds being Spent Inefficiently:Survey' from Google news feed

I read this article that talked about how rich nations are spending more money on education than they ever have before. But the problem is that the money is being spent inefficiently and is dramatically affecting the efforts to improve the educational standards.
To start, I asked myself the question of, "How could the money meant for our schools be spent inefficiently"? This article says the U.S. government spends 55% of its funding to pay teachers, which is "well below" OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) levels that are more than 63%. To me, its seems as though this article is implying that the U.S. should be using a greater percentage of its funding to pay teachers. And I can understand where some might think that. They think that by paying our teachers we will have better school systems, and by not paying our teachers better, we have a chance of lost interest in the particular career option, therefore we have slim choices for teachers and our schools will basically stink. I think that our teachers are what make our world so great because they are who teaches us to teach one another who teach the world. So yes, I believe that our teachers are an important part of our school systems, but they aren’t all of what makes up our schools.
Another problem this article states is not having enough money to fund our schools. And I have to disagree. I don’t think our problem is how large an amount of money we have as it does to what we spend it on with the money we do have. To me, this seems as though it is all common sense. Some schools that are not as rich as others, I don’t consider them "bad schools" because some of those schools are producing graduates attending top-notch colleges. Its not that we necessarily are needing more funding for our schools, but if there is a school who has plenty of funding by the government, it all depends on the matter of what do they spend it on.

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